Freshmen Bond at Tailgate

The threat of rain and a canceled game did not keep freshmen from enjoying their tailgate party Friday night, Sept. 20.

Students connected with friends, feasted on hot dogs and got excited about the football game against Houston Christian.  Although the game was ultimately cancelled and rescheduled due to lightning, the party carried on under the pavilion.

Students enjoyed hotdogs with chili, cheese, pickles and onions, as well as an array of drinks, snacks and sweets an hour before the game began.

“The food was so good,” freshman Matthew Walsh said. “Andy [Huff] got mustard on his forehead.”

Attendees played basketball, socialized and got pumped for the game, despite the ever-present lightning warnings and probability that the game would not be played.

“It was a ton of fun.  Everybody seemed to enjoy it,” freshman Emma Shea said.

On the outdoor basketball court, players from the junior varsity football team covered themselves in black paint and prepared to cheer for the varsity team.  After several lightning delays, the game was cancelled, and the disappointed football players had to return home.

Director of Athletics Vince Arduini moved the party indoors and made sure that everyone got inside safely as the weather worsened.  Some left for Senior Country to attend the Imagination Lock-in.

Christian Maines
Staff Writer

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