If We Weren’t the Mavericks…

Cavaliers Man on Horse

Cavaliers: noun, a man escorting a woman or acting as her partner in dancing, which is basically all the SJS men 24/7.


Warriors: please use lightning bolt to fill in scantron bubbles darkly and completely; nothing intimidates an opponent like a high standardized testing score.

Red Devils

Red Devils: He workin’ that turtleneck, I know I’m #terrified.

Mavericks what.

Mavericks: grab the bull by the horns, then pull this manly grimace. Your adversaries will literally wet themselves with fear.

Iris Cronin & Oliver Ruhl
Copy Editors

Poll results: If we were no longer the Mavericks, which mascot would you prefer?

Red Devils: 34
Cavaliers: 32
Warriors: 32

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