Fantasy Flourishes at Imagination Lock-In

Despite torrential rain, nearly 30 students assembled at the Imagination Lock-In for an evening of writing, drawing and photo-taking.

“It was nice because it was six hours set aside out of the week just to explore your creativity and see what you could make,” sophomore Mia Mirkovic said. “That was just really fulfilling.”

Editors of “Imagination,” the literary magazine, organized the lock-in, which was held in Senior Country from 5:oo to 11:00 p.m., Sept. 20.

“We wanted people to get out of this a better understanding of their own creativity,” senior co-Editor-in-Chief Danielle Rubin said. “We have a lock-in to get to know each other and get submissions.”

The lock-in was originally an all-night event.  In the past, the first issue of “Imagination” consisted entirely of writing created at the lock-in.

“What I’ve tried to do in the past few years is urge the magazine to be more inclusive to the whole community,” faculty sponsor and English teacher Kem Kemp said.  “We want to reach out and offer a space that we don’t really have for creative writing at St. John’s.”

Some students stayed in Senior Country to play music, write, edit or eat pizza. Others sketched and painted in the art rooms.

“I really felt the flow of energy,” freshman Alex Jones said.

Still others wandered around the Upper School campus to take photos.

“Last year it was more structured, and we decided that was hindering to people’s creativity,” senior co-Editor-in-Chief Anna Huang said.

In addition to the lock-in, editors are planning several writing workshops that will take place during lunch throughout the year. They hope to publish two issues this year.

“In the past few years, we’ve expanded “Imagination” to include art and photography as well as writing,” Kemp said. “When they have the art shows, we take photos.”

Editors are currently working on a website,, where they will publish archives of past issues.

Cara Maines
Assistant Online Editor


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