Kinkaid Chapel Invigorates, Inspires

Mavericks assembled in St. John the Divine for Kinkaid chapel, Oct. 23, in one final gathering, two days before the long-awaited game at Rice Stadium.

Following a vocal and instrumental performance of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” by juniors Meghna Dara, Mary Harvey, Nina Manian and Maren Flood, Coach Richie Mercado introduced speaker Carlos Falcón (’08), a former student-athlete, with a humorous anecdote highlighting Falcón’s academic dedication and athletic prowess.

The SJS cross-country and track team record holder spoke about his humble beginnings and how they brought about the same selflessness that prompted him to sacrifice aspirations of an Olympic track career to support his family as an accountant. Falcón stressed the importance of ambition but understood the balance between self-interest and consideration for others, quoting, “There is a time for everything.”

Falcón ended his speech with lyrics from the hit song, “The Motto” by Drake.

“Now she want a photo, you already know though. You only live once; that’s the motto, YOLO,” Falcón said, making his message unforgettable.

Brooke Kushwaha
Staff Writer
Emma Gobillot
Video Editor

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