Under Review: Renaissance Festival Fare

During my time at the Texas Renaissance Festival, open Oct. 12 through Dec. 1, I tried unique foods that ranged from the delectable to the bizarre. Here are a few:

Cuban Sandwich

A grilled sandwich that combines sweet, sour, and meatiness to create a complex taste. The cheese melts perfectly on the crisp bread, and the turkey complements the sourness of the pickles beautifully. It’s not the first thing people think of when the word “Renaissance” comes up, but it should be.

renfest sandwich

(Michael VerMeulen)

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

This snack is a well flavored, sweet morsel that can be found at multiple stands around the Festival.  While jerky is a common treat in Texas, this teriyaki jerky is quite tasty and certainly better than any dried meats found at a grocery store. Also, the pattern on the jerky is very interesting.

Funnel Cake

A true staple of the Texas Renaissance Festival, this mass of fried dough with powdered sugar is sweet and scrumptious. The dish’s only setback is its dryness, but it is a worthwhile snack to share with others; furthermore, the plating of the cake is beautiful.

funnel cake wow

(Michael VerMeulen)

Bacon on a Stick

Nothing needs to be said to describe this specimen of amazing.

bacon on a stick

(Michael VerMeulen)


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