Top 10: Cafeteria items to have this week

The Winston cafeteria will serve its final meals, Thurs. Feb. 13. This week marks the last full week of cafeteria food this year. Cafeteria services will be suspended, Feb. 18-28, during which time students must bring their own lunches. Starting Mar. 3, rotating vendor services will provide students with their meals.

As exciting as campus expansion and food trucks may be, we’ll miss these fan favorites served in Winston cafeteria. Here’s our top ten picks of cafeteria items this week to enjoy while you still can.

  1. Breakfast tacos (Thurs. morning)
  2. Cornbread muffins (Every day)
  3. Stuffed pasta shells (Tues.)
  4. Chocolate mousse and Jello (Tues.)
  5. Peach crisp (Wed.)
  6. Chicken fried rice (Wed.)
  7. Yellow cake with chocolate icing (Thurs.)
  8. Sausage and red beans over rice (Fri.)
  9. Fried catfish (Fri.)
  10. Fettuccini alfredo (Fri.)

Bon app├ętit!

The Staff

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