The Preview: Music Chapel

This year’s Music Chapel, Feb. 5, will feature numerous students singing, playing instruments and showcasing their musical abilities on the VST stage. Coordinated by senior Christina Moss and other members of Chapel Guild, auditions this year occurred in early January, a change from prior years.

“I am super excited about Music Chapel,” senior co-director of Les Chantdudes Daniel Bland said. “It’s a good way to show that SJS students are talented in so many ways other than the ones that are apparently visible.”

Here’s a list of the performers:

  • Meg Bres
  • Ben Bieser and Julian Henry
  • Christie Dawson and Ryan Schick
  • Kasey French, Virginia Reynolds and Zack Lee
  • Les Chantdudes
  • Ryan Schick, Jake Schick and Will Duson
  • Robert Kempner, Quincy Cotton, Jack Cain and Ty Boone

Cara Maines
Assistant Online Editor

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