Vendors offer new dining option for students

Today marks the first day that restaurant-sponsored food vendors provided lunch for students. The food could not be served outside because of the rain, so Asian restaurant Kim Son provided various entrees in Trammel.

“I think it’s awesome how we can eat in any of the classrooms and hang out almost anywhere now instead of crowding in the cafeteria,” sophomore Amy Dong said. “It’s newfound freedom.”

The meal included General Tso’s Chicken, House Special Fried Rice and Vegetable Lo Mein. A la carte dishes were available by request, and Buddha’s Eggplant was a vegetarian option.

“The serving size was excellent,” junior Akshay Jaggi said. “It far surpassed my expectations, which was really great.”

Vendors for the coming days include Firehouse Sub, Demeris Barbecue and Papa John’s Pizza.

“I thought that we would have all of the vendors every day in order to have a variety of options,” sophomore Harrison Hawes said. “I was disappointed by the fact that I only had one option for food.”

Some students were surprised about the $12 price tag accompanying today’s meal. Depending on the day, lunch options range from $7.25 to $12.

“It is a bit expensive for families to be paying that much every day,” sophomore Saul Malek said.

Most students ate inside today because the benches and picnic tables outside were wet from the rain.

“I like the freedom of being able to use classrooms and the plaza tables,” freshman Lauren Biegel said.

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