Spotlight on Scholastic Writing Awards


After regional results in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards were announced, Jan. 31, 79 SJS students received recognition for their work. Of the 79, 27 gold key recipients eagerly awaited results from the national level of the competition. This year, national medalists included six SJS students. (Cara Maines)

National medalists in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year included six SJS students. In the Harris County-wide awards, SJS received 27 gold keys, 26 silver keys and 26 honorable mentions. National award winners will be honored in New York City, June 5-7. The complete list of national and regional winners follows:

National gold medal
Amy Dong (memoir)
Cara Maines (short story)

National silver medal
Elizabeth Cregan (poetry)
Robin Granberry (flash fiction)
Sophie Li (memoir)
Kanchana Raja (persuasive writing)

Regional gold key
Gabriel Bennett-Brandt (short story)
Lillian Chen (poetry)
Iris Cronin (flash fiction)
Amy Dong (memoir, painting)
Francesca Ervin (writing portfolio)
Robin Granberry (flash fiction)
Sloane Gustafson (memoir)
Amy Kang (journalism)
Srini Kumar (poetry)
Sophie Li (flash fiction, memoir)
Amy Liu (drawing)
Lydia Liu (short story)
Sunny Liu (drawing)
Cara Maines (flash fiction, short story)
Camilla Manca (poetry)
Kanchana Raja (persuasive writing)
Megan Routbort (flash fiction)
Hannah Tyler (memoir)
Tiffany Yue (painting, painting)
Raina Zhang (2 flash fiction)
Vicky Zhang (memoir)
Christopher Zimmerman (journalism)

Regional silver key
Gabriel Bennett-Brandt (flash fiction)
Kelsey Bing (poetry)
Kathryn Boom (memoir)
Winifred Brandfield-Harvey (photography)
Lillian Chen (painting)
Rebecca Chen (journalism)
Rebecca Chen (flash fiction)
Iris Cronin (journalism)
Meghna Dara (memoir)
Will Ehrhardt (short story)
Julia Giordano (ceramics/glass)
Natasha Gonzalez (photography, photography)
Emily Griffith (poetry)
Sloane Gustafson (poetry)
Lauren Hodgson (flash fiction)
Jessica Lee (memoir)
Amy Liu (short story)
Lydia Liu (short story)
Camilla Manca (poetry)
Alyyah Malick (memoir)
Christian Maines (short story)
Margaret Trautner (memoir)
Madison Trice (poetry)
Elysa Tulek (flash fiction)
Tiffany Yue (journalism)

Regional honorable mention
Richard Appel (science fiction/fantasy)
Eleanor Bering (memoir)
Ben Bieser (flash fiction)
Emma Boehme (short story)
Kate Bomar (sculpture)
Kelly Buckner (photography)
Claire Dorfman (photography)
Matthew Fastow (poetry, flash fiction)
Courtney Jacobs (drawing)
Priyanka Jain (ceramics/glass)
Emma Gobillot (dramatic script)
Natasha Gonzalez (humor)
Robin Granberry (flash fiction)
Lauren Hodgson (flash Fiction)
Divya Jain (persuasive writing)
Amy Kang (flash fiction)
Sophie Li (photography)
Alyyah Malick (journalism)
Isabelle Metz (photography)
Matthew Neal (journalism)
Kanchana Raja (poetry)
Caroline Reasoner (flash fiction)
Annie Ren (drawing)
Megan Routbort (journalism)
Emma Shea Personal (memoir)
Emily Sherron (humor)

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