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After serving on the staff of the Review his sophomore and junior years, senior columnist Elliot Cheung has been dismissed due to poor quality of writing and fallacious reporting. Cheung will most likely continue to pursue his journalistic interests at the Talon. (Jake Nyquist)

For the first time in the history of the official student newspaper of SJS, a writer has been fired from the staff. As of April 1, Senior Elliot Cheung will no longer be allowed to write for the Review.

“As we are just a high school paper, we try to encourage all students to write for us, and we have never found reason enough to fire anyone,” Editor-in-chief Samantha Neal said. “But Elliot Cheung is an exception.”

According to the editorial board, Cheung allegedly wrote several articles containing false information, leading to the confusion among the general public.

“He constantly makes up facts and quotes to make himself look good,” Editor-in-chief Lydia Liu said.

“The editorial board should really reconsider. [Cheung] is a true American hero,” President Barack Obama said.

To avoid publishing more of Cheung’s news articles, the editors made the decision to designate him as a columnist earlier this year. Despite the change, his columns have failed to meet the standard for a newspaper of this caliber. Faculty Sponsor David Nathan has suggested that perhaps Cheung write instead for the Kinkaid Talon.

“His columns, which I guess serve as a reflection of him as a person, were just kind of ‘meh’ overall,” Online Editor Amy Kang said.

Cheung asserts that he has feelings, too.

Upon receiving notice of his situation, Cheung defended himself, stating that the editors’ claims were all wrong and that they were simply stupidheads. Despite his sound rebuttal, his dismissal from the writing staff will still hold. There has been talk among the editors about finding a replacement columnist for him, perhaps in the likes of the SJS administrative staff, with working column titles such as “Inman’s InLife,” “Popp, Lock, and Dean it” and simply “The Kuhlumn.”

Before officially leaving the Review staff, Cheung has been allowed to write one more article, which can be found here.

Cheung says that he has accepted the editors’ decision and that although he may not agree with it, he still respects it. He leaves with the following remark: “It’s been great working for the Review for all these years. Thanks to my editors for putting up with me and to my readers for the support. Happy April Fools’ Day.”

Elliot Cheung

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