About Us

Mission Statement

The Review strives to be an engine of discourse. We seek to inform and engage the St. John’s community.

About the Online

The online component of The Review was established in fall 2011 as a means of disseminating information quickly and supplementing the print editions. We endeavor to inform the community in innovative and interactive ways.

Submission Guidelines

The Review provides a forum for student writing and opinion. The opinions and staff editorials contained herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Headmaster or the Board of Trustees of St. John’s School. Staff editorials represent the opinion of the entire editorial board. Letters to the editor and guest columnists are encouraged but are subject to editing for reasons of clarity, space, accuracy and good taste. On occasion, we will publish letters without a name, provided the editor knows the author’s identity. The Review reserves the right not to print letters received or advertisements. Either e-mail letters and guest columns to review.sjs@gmail.com; give them to Amy Kang or David Nathan in the Review Room (Q-210); or mail letters to The Review, 2401 Claremont Ln., Houston, TX 77019

Comment Policy
While The Review encourages feedback and discussion, we reserve the right to withhold any comments with inappropriate content, including but not limited to comments with crude language or insults. All comments must be accompanied by a name and e-mail address before being published.

Editorial Board:

Lydia Liu  Editor-in-Chief
Alyyah Malick  Editor-in-Chief
Samantha Neal  Editor-in-Chief
Amy Kang  Online Editor
Parker Donaldson  Senior Design Editor

Rebecca Chen  Assignment Editor
Pallavi Krishnarao  Assignment Editor
Megan Routbort  Assignment Editor
Claire Dorfman  Design Editor
Jessica Lee  Design Editor
Jake Nyquist  Photography Editor
Iris Cronin  Copy Editor
Tiffany Yue Copy Editor
Cara Maines  Assistant Online Editor
Oliver Ruhl  Online Copy Editor
Srini Kumar  Social Media Editor
Emma Gobillot  Video Editor
William Clutterbuck  Business Manager
Gabe Malek  Assistant Business Manager